Juventus 2018-19 season away jersey

By Nicklo | 25 December 2018 | 0 Comments
Adidas and the Italian Juventus Club jointly launched the team's new away jerseys for the 2018-19 season. The new jerseys are designed in soft sand and infused with many unique e lements to make them equally suitable for the field and the street.
The design of the new soft sand jersey is the ultimate in wearability and style, and the improved surface design ensures the jersey's excellent wearing comfort and its eye-catching appearance.
The elegant button-down collar design echoes the classic past of this most iconic club in Europe. The jersey's cuffs showcase the club's iconic black and white stripes with a clever and modern design that highlights the club's history and echoes the nickname of the club's "Zebra Legion."
Adidas football department designer Francesca Venturini said when talking about the new jersey: "In the design work, the great history of Juventus is not only a source of inspiration, but also makes us feel right. The desire to win. Our goal is to inject a modern style into the e lements of the club, making this jersey the best choice for both off-court fans and players on the ball. The new soft sand is both classic and modern. It’s refreshing.”
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