Nike invites female designers to redefine football jerseys

By Karen | 30 May 2019 | 0 Comments
In order to welcome the upcoming 2019 French Women's World Cup, Nike collaborated with four influential female designers, Yoon Ahn, Christelle Kocher, Erin Magee and Marine Serr, to redesign and transform their football jerseys according to their own ideas.
The four female designers re-engineered the football jerseys with their aesthetics to prove that the jerseys have no standard style, but the meaning is the same, that is, the jersey can reflect the cohesiveness of sports, and each designer is a jersey. Paired with the right sports underwear to complete their respective design concepts.
The 27-year-old French designer Marine Serre brings a slim-cut, three-dimensional cut jersey that fits over the printed bodysuit. “My design focus has always been to mix and match and meet the needs of everyday life. I think it's important to create purposeful line cuts that will satisfy the comfortable wearing experience of women while maintaining their own style.”

Christelle Kocher's work shows that she has explored fabrics and colors and created an elegant asymmetry through tailoring. Christelle Kocher said: "My design is to release the feeling of dynamic and positive energy. This skirt is based on the female body shape, re-dressing the football jersey. So it is suitable for a variety of occasions, girls play in urban life, You can wear it when you dance or exercise."

The jersey created by Yoon Ahn, a Japanese fashion brand Ambush designer, highlights the diversity and culture of the international competition arena. “I designed Nike × AMBUSH as a men's and women's jersey, inspired by the traditional Japanese straight-sleeved loose coat Happi. I chose Happi as a prototype because even though we are facing a women's football event and a good women's football team. Players, but I think it is equally important for the fans to have a jersey that is suitable for everyone."

Magee designed a Nike Stadium jersey for the competition, with the United States Federal Emblem badge, designed to pay tribute to the breakthrough performance of the American Women's National Team in the late 1990s. “My design philosophy is based on sports demand, followed by fashion. The jersey is designed to pay tribute to the incredible historic victory of the US women’s national team by drawing attention to these women.” Magee explains her jersey design philosoph.

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