Putian Joy 2019 season home jersey

By Nicklo | 27 February 2019 | 6 Comments
http://www.soccerjersey520.com/With the theme of "Pu Tian's Pulse", the world-renowned sports brand PUMA teamed up with Japan J League Putian Joy Team (Júbilo Iwata) to launch a new home jersey for the 2019 season.
In the new season, the team will continue to wear the iconic Sax Blue jersey to fight at the Ya maha Stadium. The jersey is fitted with eye-catching white raglan sleeves, and the PUMA's signature stripes extend from the shoulders to the cuffs in a mix-and-match design.
In the chest part of the new jersey, the motif design of the theme "The Pulse of Putian" is represented by the mother river of Putian City - Tianlongchuan, and the three rivers of Oikawa, Abekawa and Fujikawa in Shizuoka Prefecture. The excellent mix and match design expresses the dynamics of the river and the powerful energy of the supporters.
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