Rome's second away jersey for the 2018-19 season

By Nicklo | 29 December 2018 | 0 Comments
Nike and the Italian Rome Club jointly unveiled the team's new second away jersey in the 2018-19 season. The rich and unique history of the "Eternal City" is the core of this new jersey.
Pete Hoppins, senior design director of Nike football clothing, explained: "In the new season, our second away jersey series has been exploring the cities represented by these clubs. In Rome, it is truly different. It's a long and colorful history, and it's full of myths and legends. We really want to delve into it to create a design that matches its status."
A series of aerial photographs have fixed some key moments in the history of Rome. From ancient times to the present, a unique picture is displayed on the fierce golden jersey.
The iconic “mother wolf baby” badge is aptly embellished on the chest, and together with the surrounding patterns, praises the city's impressive history and strong future. For the club, according to Hopbins, this is a real Roman jersey, unlike any other jersey.
The jersey is equipped with high-performance knit fabrics equipped with the latest Vaporknit technology to increase speed through both performance and aesthetics. The obvious mesh in the chest and back is precisely drawn based on the athlete's fever and perspiration data, providing optimal breathability. The new thermal transfer team is 64% lighter than before and is the most breathable team logo Nike has ever had.
A woven dark red strip is placed behind the simple collar, a symbol of the club and the whole of Rome. The special yarn on the sleeves adds a touch of speed to the overall jersey.
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