St. Pauli 2018-19 season away and second away jersey

By Nicklo | 28 December 2018 | 0 Comments part of the summer trip to the United States, Under Armour teamed up with FC St. Pauli to launch the brand new away and second guest jerseys for the 2018-19 season. Innovative styles draw inspiration from the club's past jersey design, and like the home jersey, the rainbow details are eye-catching, releasing a strong signal and acting as a strong bond.
As with the home jerseys of the new season, the concept of continuing the traditional style and introducing a small amount of innovation is also implemented in the design of the away jersey. “When we show the traditional striped pattern of alternating brown and white, we deliberately imitate the irregular stitching of the tape to show the personality, which is the same as the design of the home jersey that was launched before,” the designer explained.
The jersey uses the Under Armour four-way stretched HeatGear fabric to quickly wick away perspiration, helping players stay cool for long periods of time, ensuring that players are more focused on the game in high-intensity competition.
The designer consciously maintains a different style from the previous two jerseys in the design of the second away jersey. The black jersey is decorated with wild graffiti on the chest, proudly showing the club as a maverick in the world of football. The symbol is also a complete release of the fanatic personality of the fans.
Like the home jerseys of the new season, the rainbow strips behind the away and second away jerseys are a symbol of diversity and a strong link between different groups of people. It means that both the Under Armour and the St. Pauli club are for one person. The color, race, gender or sexual orientation is not interested, and advocates equal exchanges between different groups of people.
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